Friday, April 2, 2010

Movers and Shakers

Making a surprise apperance in the April issue of W, Daria has an editorial after almost two years of absence in the magazine. This time around it's Daria in a fifteen page editorial photographed by Italian Mario Sorrenti.

Movers and ShakersDaria Werbowy by Mario Sorrenti
W US April 2010

Long time no post, but I've been holding out for HQ scans of Daria's editorial in W. And thanks to Rrose at, we have perfect images!

First glance at this editorial and I was taken back to Daria's old modeling days, back to 2005 - 2006. There is something about this editorial that feels a little dated but Daria more than makes up for it with her brilliant posing. Maybe it can be attributed to this odd tan that Daria has been sporting as of late, and the fact that Sorrenti is the photographer. The attention to detail is great though - it seems like every hair, accesory and movement is perfect in its placement. Its great to see such vivid motion as opposed to static poses we often see in magazines.

Interesting that Daria has a sixteen page editorial just around the time that news of a big shuffle at W Magazine. If you've been following industry news Stefano Tonchi has been appointed editor-in-chief, Camilla Nickerson (stylist of this editorial and the one responsible for this brilliance) has left W and so has fashion director Alex White. Only time, and a few issues, how this will all affect this magazine. But hopefully the new editors are partial to putting Daria on the cover again ...
image credits: Rrose Sélavy at


  1. can u put up pictures of daria's home???there's a magazine with it out..don't know the name..make sure it's big though cuz all the other websites have it small.

  2. I will as soon as they are scanned :) For now there are only previews on the internet but I'll make sure to post about the pictures ASAP!

  3. ^ And I'm assuming your speaking of Dossier magazine?

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