Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Loewe : Behind the Scenes of the SS10 Campaign

Just as I was really starting to look at the latest Loewe campaign, a new bundle of pictures surface on the web and this time they are from the making of Daria's latest campaign. Stuart Vevers, creative director of Loewe, has developed a crush on Daria and as such, has a behind the scenes look at the shooting of the campaign ...

Its always interesting to have a glimpse of the goings ons of the fashion industry and these pictures are no exception. From the warm colours of the clothes to the bright flowers garlanding the set, I think we can expect a very Spanish infused campaign - it seems as if Loewe is truly going back to its roots.

Speaking of roots I've taken to reading of the brands history ... warning, there is a little fashion history lesson in this post. Established in 1846 by German crafstman Enrique Roessberg Loewe, Loewe is a brand with a fruitful history, from a partnership with the Spanish Royal House to a ready-to-wear collection launched in the seventies. It is a luxury brand that is best known for its leather accessories. But with the appointal of Stuart Vevers as the newest creative director the brand has a lot more in mind ... With a seemingly discreet presence on the fashion scene I hadn't heard of Vevers before this campaign, but reading his resume I realized that he's made quite the impact.

Vevers has worked everywhere from Calvin Klein to Givenchy but most notably his presence at British brand Mulberry should be noted where he invigorated the almost forty year old brand with innovative campaigns by Steven Meisel and a much hyped accessories line. And apparently 160 year young brand Loewe believes he can do the same thing. But history lesson over for now! If you want to know more though, Loewe has a pretty interesting website. By the way, did you know that in German Loewe means lion? Perhaps the brand took this as a literal reference when styling Daria's hair?

image credits: backstage pictures from via x_baldez at tFS


  1. Uck! That hair is so valley of the dolls it's insane! Have you seen the dsquarrd ads? Someone posted them on the fashion spot and they look great daria looks sexy! The stefanel ad is up too

  2. I can see the votd reference! And I just saw the dsquared campaign ... i'm typing a new post right now ;)