Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Good Things Come In Threes

With today came an abundance of pictures and with that an abundance of opinions. The long awaited DSquared2 campaign has surfaced and we have our first look at Daria's third campaign of the season. There is a new image from Stefanel and the Loewe campaign is all but completely released.

DSquared SS2010 : Daria Werbowy by Mert and Marcus

DSquared decided to stick to their runway for inspiration and went for an all Americana (or is it Canadiana in this case?) camping inspired shoot with a twist. Its camp both figuratively and literally and a fun campaign. I can't wait to see how this set turns out but I love the voyeuristic appeal and the thought of the models roughing it out in the wilderness, no matter that they are donning some pretty expensive wares.

Stefanel turned out to be the surprise of the day. After the rather akward start this latest image below has managed to resuciate any hope left for this campaign. I deemed the first image « try-hard » and wasn't a fan of the obvious pose and setting but I was right to hold off on saying anything more. I like the image below for its unintended tomboyishness. And yes, although that is a word that is used quite frequently when speaking of Daria I think it can be applied to this shot. It has a certain ease about it - it doesn't project the type of sexiness that Gisele Bundchen previously displayed for Stefanel,  but it has a sexiness of its own. I think it evokes a raw sensuality that model Gia Carangi perfected. This is one rare case where I am glad to be proven wrong!

Stefanel SS2010 : Daria Werbowy by Mario Testino

And last and least are new images from Loewe. Maybe I will warm up to this campaign but for now it is at the bottom of these three campaigns. I've added all of the new images to the "ads" pages though, and you can form your opinions on those. Which campaign is your favourite so far?

sources: Dsquared campaign scanne by steelmachines and fujiko ; Stefanel ad snapped by Radolgc at tFS - thank you!


  1. i am totally in loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove with the 2nd stefanel ad!

    it's more than tomboysh, it's tomboysm made perfection, it's... awwwwwwwww!!!!

    let's start a petition: 'stop misusing daria! take the tomboy out!'

  2. Where did her boobies go?

  3. I agree eword its perfection! I should see this on your site soon under the tomboy section!! :D And I will be your first signature on that petition ;)

    Addyads it is pretty baffling - sometimes they are there but sometimes they're not! The power of the right angle I suppose :)

  4. She is certainly working that right angle to extreme :) Amazing. Really want to like the current eds just like everyone else but seriously not doing it for me. The Dsquared2 pic where she is showering does not even look like her-face not clear. Meaning to me that it could of been anyone. Defeats the purpose when using when of the best and beautiful models in the game.

  5. At least there will be more shots of the DSquared campaign so maybe the new ones might convince you :) Its a fun campaign but I agree with you, nothing to get too excited about so far. The newest Stefanel ad on the other hand ...