Monday, January 11, 2010

Terry ♥ Daria

Today seems to be the day of Terry Richardson. As news got out of his newly launched blog, websites took notice. And what better way to incarnate a new site than by posting a photo of Daria? If anything make sure to bookmark this site seeing as how there are already shots of Freja, Marloes Horst and Daria and I am sure more images are to come.

Daria Werbowy and Terry Richardson

I find this new candid quite funny considering I just posted an image of Daria and Terry in the Picture of the Moment section (at right)! However, unlike that picture, which we know is from behind the scenes of a Vogue Paris editorial, this picture above is leading to some interesting speculation. Was this candid just a fun meeting between a model and a photographer? Or more likely the documentation of some new work? I'm betting on the latter. Richardson most often works with Daria in Vogue Nippon and Vogue Paris, and he has shot her before for the FW07 Roberto Cavalli campaign. If anything this candid is adding more fuel to the Balmain campaign rumors.

Richardson is an interesting photographer, to say the least. I adore the colouring of his Yashica lensed images and he can shoot a great editorial from time to time, but sometimes his subjects can be a bit too much. That's why I am suprised that when looking back on Daria's work with Terry, it has been quite tame from Richardson's norm. In fact, the most controversial element in their work together is a cigarette. But judging from these images below the duo can pull off some great work.

| Soul Bohemian VN 02/08 ; Noctambule VP 05/07 |

| Extase d'Asie VP 08/04 ; International VR 12/09 |

On another note, remember the editorial the Daria shot for in Morocco a couple of months ago? It was lensed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin but in a profile in Interview a few weeks back fashion stylist George Cortina mentioned working for an upcoming shoot for Vogue Nippon in Morocco. He's worked a lot with Inez and Vinoodh and most notably styled Daria in her Vogue Nippon editorial "Girl of the Golden Field". If the rumors are true and judging from a fashion timeline then we should see this editorial any time soon!


  1. Noctambule VP 05/07 has got be one of my fav Daria eds. I, like some can find Terry's photos at times too sleazy and not sexy at all. If one can imagine a frat boy being given an opportunity to become a fashion photographer then I reckon he would produce Terry type smut. Saying that there is something cool that happens when he works with Daria and a few others that shows his creativity and his cheeky humour which I can dig.

  2. Noctambule is definitely in my top 10! It is such a good editorial ... the styling, photography, pretty much everything. And your analogy is so perfect - frat boy with a camera. That pretty much sums up his work. Its either hit or miss with me and I either really love or really hate his work.