Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mixed Feelings : Fashion Magazine September 2008

A few days ago I came across the Fashion Magazine interview from their September 2008 issue with Daria on the cover. It has the usual interview questions of Daria's charity work with Lancome, her sailing in the summer and the behind the scenes of modeling ... but it also contains some interesting text on what Daria thinks of the whole Walk of Fame ordeal.

The interview sheds an interesting light on how Daria feels about modeling and what it has done for her in life. At moments she is very critical of her job and at other moments she loves it for the opportunities it has given her. It's a really great read that touches on the dynamic that one faces when working for such a superficial industry.

In the end it is just posing for a picture and I think that gets to Daria sometimes. But its great to see that she uses her platform to get involved with charities and organizations, especially ones close to her heart like Centrao Especial and other art groups.

Fashion Canada September 2008
Daria Werbowy photographed by Derek Kettela

The only thing that really really bugs me about this editorial is that Fashion magazine gets ahold of one of the most requested girls in the business and they manage to publish one photo. Grr ... 

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