Friday, November 14, 2008

Flashback Friday : Holt Renfrew Winter 1999 Catalogue

Way back when Daria was just starting out in the business she appeared in a Holt Renfrew catalogue. 16 year old, yet she still has the maturity she dons in pictures today! All of the pictures can be seen here.


  1. tinsley!

    ah. i can't comment on starbucks&jane.
    it says for invited readers only ?

    thank you SO much for the b-day wishes.
    you are so sweeeeeeet.
    ah. so blessed to have found you on here.

    it just means you have to book a trip to CT ? ;)
    i will be back in canada in just over a month so i know i have to soak this up!

    i love daria. i love even more that she is Ukrainian + Canadian- like me!

    i hope everything is okay with the blog! i do not know if anyone else is having the same problem?


  2. yeah i also can't get into starbucks and jane! can't you change it? thanks a lot if you can xxx

  3. sorry about that! i forgot to switch the settings last night :)

  4. i saw you added the spur cover in the gallery.
    it's not 2005 though, but 2006.

  5. ooh thanks eword - i had trouble reading the cover so ill change that :)