Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rumor Mill : Vogue Paris February 2008

It seems like Carine Roitfeld is taking the idea of a girl crush to a whole new leverl. Rumors are flying of a single girl issue, slated for February 2009 of a model Carine absolutely (and I quote) "adooooores". Seeing as Daria's had two covers in the past, and she's a favourite of Emmanuelle, she's one of the top contenders. But, there's always Lara, Anna S., Eva Herzigova and Lily Donaldson that are rumored to be up for the spot ... regardless, it's a very interesting piece of information!

Daria's previous covers for Vogue Paris (August 2008, March 2005)


  1. Daria is Emmanuelle's favorite, not Carine's. I don't think Daria will get another cover so soon. It's probably Lily D. since she dates (still?) Carine's son.

  2. Maybe it might be lily because of vladimir but then that would be so obvious, wouldn't it?
    im still hoping for either lara or daria :)

  3. It will be fabulous if Daria has the post -or Natasha Poly ^^- ! But I'm pretty sure it will be a new model like Anna S. or something else...