Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Creation Of Toronto's Mille Femmes by Maraval

Thanks to anton, I have a heads up on the Mille Femmes projet by Maraval. It's quite interesting, I saw a piece on this a while back but never really read into it. In June of last year there was an exhibit of 1000 influential women in Toronto, coinciding with Maraval's previous collections with Canadian women in Montreal. A bit more info on the show:

Toronto's Mille Femmes is a tribute to 1,000 artistic, creative and inspiring women from Toronto and their protégés, who embody the passion and heritage of the city. Architects, actors, dancers, designers, journalists, musicians and others have been chosen in recognition of their achievements and leadership in their field. 

Joined together, the 1,000 portraits will become a visual network, a chain of recognition that celebrates not only an extraordinary community of women, but also the creative character and diversity of Toronto.

We have a video and a photo. And a screencap. I couldn't help but laugh when comparing the Daria in the foreground to her Lancome picture in the background! It's quite an interesting project and I wish I could have visited the installation. Daria is featured along with Adrienne Clarkson, Shannon Mercer and other talents ... quite an honour!

The picture is very beautiful and natural - a great shot! And here's the video below. Daria comes in at around the three minute mark.

Can you find Daria below?


  1. hi - thanks for posting the vid - i didn´t know about this photoshoot! Luv her picture.
    But I coudn´t understand the word she chose.??!

  2. yeah, subtitles please!

    nice find! :-)

  3. i couldnt see or read her word either! but im very curious :)

    thanks eword :)

  4. her word is solace

  5. i forgot to give you the link on this video you can see her word very well i'm really curious did she choose the word
    here you can find one very beautiful picture of daria titled la frande daria

  6. thanks anonymous!
    interesting choice of word ... :)

  7. ah she's gorgeous the first time i think I realized she was a supermodel was her lancome advertisement!