Thursday, March 26, 2009

Behind The Scenes with H&M by Matthew Williamson

I have some more behind the scenes looks at the new H&M by Matthew Williamson collection. Daria is starring in the campaign and according to industry sources the campaign team "traveled all the way to Mexico to shoot what could be a studio shot, but the airtime was done for the sunlight on the Mexican beach."

I'm not too fond of the idea of logging so much miles for a campaign that can be easily shot in any studio, but hopefully the official images will change my mind. But apart from that, the candids look great! You can see more behind the scenes pictures at the source.

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  1. Oh you should continue your blog!!! I like it so much
    You can find others things about Daria and take in your blog!!!
    But please continue !!!=)

    Kiss <3

  2. Hey there! Loving your blog ~ if you like fashion and models, then follow mine. :) ! Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy urs!

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  4. Beautiful designs! Daria also starred in this fashion art film by Imagine Fashion, and it had gorgeous pieces from H&M.