Monday, December 14, 2009

Balmainia Continued ...

It seems that I was wrong on Balmain's seeming exclusivity. I had lamented on the fact that it was so hard to find any pictures from behind the scenes, but I've recently stumbled upon quite a few. You may have seen the same set ups from previous posts but albeit these are at different angles. There are some new shots as well including Daria and Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin ... I'll find it quite hard to believe if Daria doesn't end up with the Balmain campaign!

There is also something else to add. Daria has her first editorial of the new decade (funny how the fashion world is already a month ahead of the real world!) in the January 2010 issue of Vogue US. It is entitled "Go West" and the man behind the lens is photographer Patrick Demarchelier. If you can recall, earlier this year Daria appeared in Indian Summer in Vogue UK . Judging from the title of the Vogue US editorial and Patrick Demarchelier's penchance for travel editorials it might be another location piece. But Demarchelier is also known for his studio work at Vogue so it could go either way.


  1. Wow. I've never seen such beautiful women on such ugly carpet :)

  2. I love that last picture.Freja,Karmen and Iselin

  3. Haha addyads so true

    SnF as soon as I saw that picture I knew I had to post it! Abbey and Karmen are my favourite newbies and Iselin and Freja are my top veterans