Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daria Werbowy by Cass Bird

Thanks to MariyaS at tFS for the heads up on these beautiful pictures of Daria. I am sure you will become as much enamoured with them as I am, not just for the subject but for the beauty of the photos. Cass Bird is behind these lovely portraits, a great New York photographer. I've written of her before on my other blog, and visited her site often times, so I'm not surprised that she is behind these. If you have free time then please take a visit to her photography site, cassbird.com, to see her wonderful portraits and fashion photography. I have to warn you though ... she's photographed Ethan Hawke and Sam Rockwell so extreme jealousy may ensue!

Is is just me or do any of you find Daria's work with the more obscure photographers, Cass Bird and Derek Kettella, to be far more impressive than the ones with well known photographers like Testino or Demarchelier. There is something much more alluring and sincere about photographers that don't have to live up to the request of fashion magazines, and who are more focused on their subject than how this seasons shoe is lit. That's why its always so much more satisfactory to see such carefree images such as these where it is obvious thats its just two friends and the camera between them!

These candid photos aren't the only ones to be released as of late. Daria was out and about quite a lot during fashion week and this time she actually let herself be photographed once in a while. And with Jessica Miller nonetheless - I'm sure for you old time fashion followers this is a treat! There are a few nice candids, but most are blurred dancing shots - if you're really interested in seeing more then just visit thecobrasnake or guestofaguest (they have some blurry shots up there).

source: thearabparrot, thecobrasnake, guestofaguest, nylonmagazine.com

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