Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Behind The Scenes of ... Fard Fatal

Finally! After a few weeks of tedious waiting Lancome uploaded the fifteen minute video of Daria's editorial in May Vogue Paris "Fard Fatal". I'm trying to upload this huge file onto the site but for now you can see the entire thing here! *Edit: video added to post below

To tide you all over, I've screen capped some images from the video ... mostly my favourite moments. Daria looks so pleasant and fun to work with, although I have to admit sometimes she looked just as bored of Aaron de Mey's speeches as I was! I love seeing backstage moments such as these. It really makes you appreciate an editorial so much more when you see how much work goes into a few pages. Its so easy to forget about the teams of people that go into the making of one editorial - makeup artists, photographer, models, assistants, the assistants to assistants ... this video made me go back to my issue of Vogue Paris and pore over the images just to see if I had missed anything from before.

Update Cecilia has kindly uploaded the video onto youtube! Enjoy!

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