Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Daria Overload

In case you haven't been seeing much of your favourite model (highly unlikely with her four campaigns this seasons!) here are a couple pictures to keep you readers at bay. And by couple I mean close to fifty images. It sure seems like Stefanel let their behind the scenes photographer run loose - I've never seen more onset photos with any campaign!

There's a gallery below of Daria frolicking in Paris and posing for the camers - and a cute one of her and photographer Mario Testino walking arm in arm! Seeing these photos makes me so homesick for Paris. It reminds me of last summer ... exactly a year from today I was in these exact same places. What are the odds?

Tomorrow I'll post the campaign and behind the scenes video, but I'm sure these will hold you off until then. And for easy scrolling just use your arrow keys ;)

source | screencapped by me from (please credit!)


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  2. Where are the updates?!!! We miss u badly!!!! Come back to work ;)

  3. hey guys! sorry for the lack of updates i've been really busy lately but i'll try my best to start posting again :)