Monday, January 6, 2014

Campaign News: Isabel Marant and Mango (and Céline!!!)

Update The first campaign image for Céline is here!!! Yes, three exclamation points because this is one campaign I anticipate year round, and at the moment everything looks superb, from art direction, to casting, to design layout. I've no time to go into more detail at the moment but will do as soon as more images come out. In the mean time ... !!!

Céline Spring 2014 in the Vogue UK February 2013 issue

The Isabel Marant spring 2014 campaign leaked, and no surprise here, its Daria for her sixth turn as face of the French brand.

Marant usually follows the same formula when it comes to their campaigns - a girl lounging around in perpetual boredom of some kind of unattainable coolness. For Marant the formula works - maybe I'll look just as cool, and my hair will look as perfectly messy, if I buy those silver lamé pants ... - and usually I'm all for that kind of style - Daria does do nonchalance quite well.

But this time I'm kinda bored, and a little underwhelmed, because really how many times can you run with the same concept (and same model!) without the results becoming staid ... maybe six campaigns. Hopefully the next photos (Marant usually releases three campaign images) will pique my interest but right now I'm about as excited with this campaign as I am for my three hour physics labs this semester. Your thoughts?

On to other news. Below is a preview of the Mango campaign with a behind the scenes video. Excited to see how these images turn out but so far they're reminding me of Daria's Maiyet campaigns. Thats three four campaigns so far for the Spring 2014 season!

source: via Verhangenheit at tFS, Celine image snapped by vogue28 at tFS

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