Thursday, July 24, 2014

On Holiday With Daria and Vogue Paris

Daria recently visited Paris for a Lancome party (you can see pics here) and gave a quick interview to Vogue Paris. You can read the roughly translated article below ... the most interesting bit comes at the end! There are also some beautiful new pictures taken by Alexi Lubomirski for Lancome included with the article.

What do you think is the ideal spot for an unforgettable vacation? The most rejuvenating place, the more energizing?
"In my opinion, there is no more disconnecting than being on a sailboat away from the earth. Ireland has also become a place that I particularly like. Soon as I have a few days off, I m 'escapes. With its wilderness, its angular rocks that get lost in the sea, I think this country has the most beautiful beaches in the world, the most natural. "

Are you the type to plan your vacation well in advance or at the last minute from?
"Always at the last minute! Besides, I have not decided what I wanted to do this summer ... We'll see. Usually I book a flight just before departure, and once there, I let me wear the mood. "


Do you take the opportunity to exercise more or just put your body at rest?
"I am sailing whenever I have the opportunity during my long breaks, and it's still rather physical. But I love sleep so much and stay at home in peace!, I wish to retrieve all the hours of sleep that have failed me for the year, and especially to read. I just finished The Goldfinch (Donna Tartt), and just before I was absorbed by The Goddesses of Joseph Campbell . "

You love sailing, which gives you the feeling of being on the water?
"This is an exhilarating sense of freedom, the strongest I have felt so far. Meanwhile, the feeling of insecurity that emerges when the sea rages, as it is difficult to control his sailboat, we deliver to our place. For ocean, everything that happens around us is so much greater. must be in a state of mindfulness, to listen boat, sea , wind ... and ignore everything else. This is a form of meditation when you think about. "

How do you protect yourself from UV rays? And in general, what is your relation to the sun?
"So far, I used not to protect me from the sun too. But there comes an age where it becomes difficult to ignore sunscreens. Suddenly today, the least radius, I spray all over my body, Milk-en-Soleil Bronzer SPF30 Haze, which leaves the skin very soft. And when my skin was still flushed in the day, I apply at night before going to bed, a good layer of milk Biafine moisturizer. "

Do you have a special routine to treat your hair in the summer and during the year?
"I'm crazy hair oils. With my dry hair, I use gallons! During the year, I let them lay all night, but when I'm on vacation, I also applied every five minutes during the day. Generally, I use the Argan oil from Morocco, but the Dr. Hauschka is great too (Neem Hair Oil by Dr. Hauschka). "

A technique, a recipe, a habit to unwind in the city, where the nature and the great outdoors you miss?
"During the year, every day, I do yoga and meditation. And then as soon as I feel I lose my footing, I love refuge in peaceful and cut parts of the world such as museums. Since my arrival to Paris, I have not had time to go for a ride, it is imperative that I go ... Besides, there is a nice expo right now? "

Do you cook?
"I love to cook! I think this is the activity that I practice more often. Quite simply, when I'm in Ireland I do not do it. I've been vegan for a long time, therefore I am more comfortable with vegetables, I prepare the "Indian" mode. everywhere I put curry is my favorite spice. Not for me stew Irish sheep, even if I have already prepared one, I did not even have to taste it. I also love to harvest algae on the rocks of the sea, the sun to dry, I use it in salads, or in jars to bring them to New York . I also make my own fermented beverage, a boost guaranteed when I lack energy. And I just put myself in chocolate fondant, I learned the recipe in secret to surprise my boy- friend on his birthday. He was delighted! "

Your diet is different in the summer? Would you just a recipe to share?
"Whether it is winter or summer, I love soups. We have a garden in Ireland with spinach, leeks, potatoes, peas, and many herbs. I am disappointed we don ' not have fennel this year, but last year, it was superb. My fiance* (!!!) takes care of the garden, and I cuisine. Rather, it is a good compromise, right? I have a fairly simple recipe that I often do at home, it is from a book of Irish recipes algae This is an easy way instead of the traditional brownie twister.. simply mix a few sheets of nori rehydrated with dark chocolate "

What is there in your beach bag? What are the beauty products that never leave you?
"In my beach bag, honestly, not much. A bikini, books, a tube of sunscreen ... Maybe a hairbrush, but I really say maybe. I'm rather cool during the holidays . However, in my toiletry bag, I still have my Hypnose mascara, my cream colored Rénergie Radiance Multi-Lift and my palette Star Bronzer Golden Riviera Lancôme. "

What smells do you travel?
"Hypnose Eau de Parfum following me for so long ... It reminds me a lot of memories. I offered several bottles to members of my family, so whenever I recognize its eastern and woody notes on someone, I think of these super nice moments where we find ourselves, especially during family celebrations. "


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