Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Carnival Continues

Prior to partying in the Rio festival, Daria spent some time at the Ong exhibit with artist Vik Muniz. The two caught a plane to visit the exhibit, sponsored by Lancome. Daria is known for her charitable work for the brand, and she often pairs with the beauty business to help out in charities or to work with children. She's a model and a humanitarian!

Update These pictures are actually from Daria's trip to Brazil in 2007! Sorry for the mixup and thanks for the tip eword!
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  1. Daria is in the david yurman ss08 ad. Faith akiyama scanned the ad at daria's thread at tfs. Debora25

  2. this video dates back to 2007, it's not from daria's last visit to brazil.