Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pepe Jeans SS08 : The Beauty and The Geek

Image and video hosting by TinyPicI hadn't posted the Pepe Jeans ad campaign, just because there was a lack of proper pictures and the one that did pop up was quite dissapointing to be honest. So, after accumulating most of the shots here they are - the Spring 2008 campaign for Pepe Jeans.

I'm personally not a fan of a lot of Photoshop and the use of gradients but the overall concept is interesting. Perhaps if the editing team had left the pictures as they originally were, I would have been more keen on them. But I do like the fact that the styling is very akin to Darias tastes. Kelso also makes an appearance!

I uploaded a behind-the-scenes video to (at the end of the post) which was a small accomplishment in and of itself. It would have been interesting to see some shots with Ashton, but Daria pulls off her solo campaign quite nicely. The full campaign can be seen below:


Behind the scenes video:


  1. what?!?! did you want that guy to have phisical contacts with our icon?!?! horror!!

  2. ahaha aww dont worry eword, i was just curious to see what it would look like. no physical contact, im sorry :P
    daria would probably steal the photo :)

  3. amazing blog, cause I love her! :) :)
    linked you to my site!! great blog!

  4. she looks so hot.she's changed the way i define beauty. earlier, beauty to me was full lips,perfect shaped nose.basically..i had a very narrow and conventional taste in terms of beautiful women. but daria changed everything.despite the fact that she doesn't necessarily look like a victoria secret model.i love the woman and would rather look like her anyday!!!!!!!!!!!i love the androgynous vibe she has about her.i'm obsessed with her hair!!!!!!!she's got the best hair in the business!!!! basically.i love me a whole lot of DARIA.

  5. ^ thats so great to hear!
    I completely agree - at first I was so struck by her different beauty I didn't know what to think - so different from other girls!
    But she really is such a significant beauty in the business - and she does have great hair!

    Thanks for visiting the blog :)

  6. Daria looks great in those ads. Love the brightness and contrast of the colors and the wet hair...very cool.

  7. i love that first little animation! that is adorable.

    you have a great blog here.

  8. Ashton is f*cking gorgeous! Buuut in that video he seems like a complete, obnoxious twat haha.

    Daria looks sexy/gorgeous/cool...obviously! The little animation at the beginning of the post is too cute.