Monday, July 7, 2008

Daria on Modeling, Daria on Daria

"Sometimes you think about what you're going to eat for dinner, or, did I do my laundry, or, oh shit, I didn't call my mum. Sometimes you're just blank. Other times you're like, yeah, strutting. Like yeah, all right, look at me, I'm modelling! I'm a model!"

"Everyone said I should be a model, while nothing was happening despite my efforts. Those times made me take stock of the difficulties of this business. It is our appearance that is judged, and without a strong mental outlook, one does not last. In 2003, I changed; I was stronger and I was more sure of myself. I wanted to work again, above all to finance my art studies. I called IMG and returned to New York. Three days later, I did Marc Jacobs' fashion show and a week later I worked for Steven Meisel for Prada. Everything began to happen and it became my career."

"When I remember that I have become a model to finance my studies in painting, none of its strength is lost," she says. "I know it will not last forever, therefore I appreciate every moment."

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