Sunday, July 20, 2008

H&M Fall Winter 2008

It seems like that h&m picture of Lily Donaldson and Daria was a precursor to another one of her new campaigns. Here we have the first pictures from the H&M Fall Winter 2008 campaign which are quite good, nothing too groundbreaking. Which leads me the the thought ... H&M campaigns usually lead to accompanying videos and I've loved the past two, so who knows - maybe we will get to see Daria fine tuning her acting skills yet again!


  1. the first picture looks like a vogue us editorial
    you know if anna wintour printed something like that i wouldnt mind. it reminds me of meisels earlier work for vogue

  2. boooooooring!!
    i hate stupid studio shots..
    and they photoshopped it so much! her head looks like its coming from a completely different direction... poor daria