Friday, May 8, 2009

Back from the Past

While we wait for the new editorial in Vogue UK, we have some "new" pictures. I've never seen these shots of Daria, but they look like they are from backstage in 2003 or 2004? Wow, has Daria changed or what?

source: sweet_rus at thefashionspot


  1. "Wow, has Daria changed or what?"...
    i'am afraid even to think, but ain't she taking some strong drugs? is she alright?... look at her eyes then and now... such a difference... but i still adore her. any damn way.

  2. don't think that! :( i think shes just matured - those pictures were at the start of her modeling career (sorta) so shes bound to change ... shes always had that same melancholy look ... maybe its just the makeup lol

  3. Daria always looks disheveled and/or tired when she's at's part of her appeal.

  4. actually those pics were taken in her lowest moment, during spring 05 season (which means sept-oct 04), when she was very very skinny and looked really exhausted (have you counted how many editorials she shot in 2004?!). so, if you compare those pics to now, she certainly looks better now.
    certainly her expression has changed a lot during the years, her eyes aren't bright as much as they used to be until 2005. she looks much more mature and womanly now, also more self-confident.. add that when she goes to events, usually she doesn't wear tons of make-up to cover little wrinkles and eye bags. add that she must hate going to the events.
    last thing. in my 3 years of blogging about daria i have received almost every kind of (unpublished) comments, but really nothing about drugs or unhealthy habits.

  5. good to hear that it's just make-up and a bit of time :) gotta sleep better now :)

  6. eword, its true - that was a pretty skinny and v. v. tanned phase. needless to say which daria i prefer!