Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vogue UK June 2009 : Indian Summer

Social commentary aside, the new editorial in Vogue UK, "Indian Summer" by Patrick Demarchelier, is beautiful. Demarchelier captures both the beauty of India and the brilliance of Daria in a 20 page editorial for the June 2009 issue.

Indian Summer
Vogue UK June 2009
Patrick Demarchelier

What I think makes this editorial work is Demarchelier's photography and Daria's modeling. Unlike Mario Testino, who often shoots exotic locales in painfully bright chaos, Demarchelier's work in this feature is more toned down, much more sombre than Testino's but still maintains a dreamlike quality. It shies away from the extravagant, and the overplayed. It's hard to make this concept new, but Daria pulls this off with an ease and allure. Overall I quite like this editorial. Your thoughts?

source: scanned by ladyflash at thefashionspot


  1. I love this, I tend to favor shoots with outdoor settings, even if they look like crap but this is so beautiful. I love the last one, she looks so peaceful and at one with her surroundings. It doesn't look like she's 'posing' at all, it's like Patrick Demarchelier just captured Daria in one of her a beautiful, natural moments.

  2. Wow... This is a beautiful editorial. So laidback and peaceful. Daria is at her natural best.

  3. i love this ed! i buy british vogue every month, it's always such a treat when they use daria. your site is great! would you like to exchange links? i'd really like to have a daria site as one of the 'friends of altstream' and yours is the best. =)