Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oroton Spring Summer 2010

Here are the first images of Daria's fall campaign for Australian label Oroton.

I've been waiting a good while for this campaign to be released. Way back in March a great reader of the site (thanks muskateer!)  let me know that Daria had just finished shooting for Oroton's new campaign in Palm Springs. It was great knowing a scoop before anyone else but admittedly the anticipation was killing me! Five months later and we can add a third tick to Daria's fall campaign count.
I saw a preview picture of the campaign before but now that the full campaign has been released, as well as a video and behind the scenes images, I feel I can form a substantial opinion. And it is that this campaign is lovely with its bright colours and easy styling. Its interesting to see Daria in more commercial campaigns but I guess the paycheck doesn't hurt. Its not the Balenciaga or Chanel I was hoping for (unsurprisingly to no avail) but its a beautiful campaign nonetheless. Daria really brings these clothes to life and David Mandelberg does a superb job - a great combination of photographer and model.

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  1. thanks heaps for the link, I really appreciate it, its also excited to see Daria heading up an australian brand, its about time.

  2. Thanks for the update.
    I was walking past an Oroton store the other day and seeing the fourth photo made me smile. :)

  3. A sign of a good model is one who knows how to work her body lines -- that third shot is magnificient!

  4. ^ Agreed! She's channeling Linda there imo :)