Friday, July 2, 2010

Two and Counting

The campaign count is two as of now and I'm positive that Daria will get more for the fall winter 2010 season. Just today scans came up of the Fall Winter 2010 Yves Saint Laurent campaign. Daria is the sole star, photographed by Inez and Vinoodh. A quick post to just show the scans and I'll post something more substantial later on. YSL Is looking really good though.

And then there is Stefanel Fall Winter 2010 by Mario Testino. A bit repetitive and reminescent of Daria's recent "Americans In Paris" editorial from US Vogue. Most probably styled by the same people and photographed at the same time.



  1. so in love, mostly I love the shots of daria at home, have been looking for an online version of her Australian vogue sheet last year, ... of course I found it here, hope you don’t mind that i share your blog on my own, mostly I think I’m the only one to see it anyway!

  2. I'm happy you're putting those images to good use - thats what they are here for!
    And I don't mind at all. In fact I'm really happy you wrote about the blog. Thanks so much!