Monday, October 3, 2011

Editorial : Daria Werbowy, En La Cima

We've all been complaining that Daria hasn't had any new work in the past months but it turns out she has - we just haven't been that good enough of fans!Daria was on the cover of Extra a fashion supplement to Spanish news magazine El Pais Seminal. The cover and accompanying editorial inside are a beautifully photographed feature of Daria. We usually never get to see her so dressed up and these pictures are so classic and gorgeous, albeit a bit over-retouched.

David Dunan is the photographer and if I'm correct this is the first time he has worked with Daria and hopefully not the last! That first photo of Daria against the mirror is beautiful!
This magazine will probably be hard, next to impossible to get a hold of in Canada so if there are any Spanish readers that follow the blog scans would be greatly appreciated!

"Daria Werbowy, En La Cima"
Extra, El Pais Seminal
Ph. David Dunan

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  1. Saludos desde España, intentaré conseguir un ejemplar de este revista.
    Realizas un trabajo muy interesante, enhorabuena.

  2. Hello
    I have a copy of the magazine El Pais Semanal Supplement.
    If you give me your address and I send you.

  3. Hey Manuel!
    Thats great I'd really appreciate it! Do you have an email address I can contact you with? You can send me an email at thedariafiles @ :)