Saturday, October 22, 2011

Outtake Special : Six Years Fresh

Another blast from the not so distant past with an outtake of Daria photographed by Bruce Weber. This is from the V by Visionaire #36 Fall 2005 editorial "V Love Daria". Its crazy to think that this picture is from six years ago ... and that Daria has been modeling for close to 13 years now!

If you take a look at the editorial page its crazy to see how many different publications shes been in, how many photographers, stylists and art directors shes worked with and how many different personas shes taken on just for the sake of a picture. I'd have to say I love Daria the most when shes playing herself, which is why this picture below is one of her best. Bruce Weber has a great way of capturing his subjects at their natural best.

source: via cadg at tFS

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