Monday, September 16, 2013

This Is Definitely Not A Party In The Front

So Daria is on the cover of Vogue Russia October 2013 ...

Vogue Russia October 2013 by Willy Vanderperre

And I'm just sitting here like ...

How could someone let this happen to you?! Girl, no. Let's just move on from this and pretend like it never happened. And can Conde Nast collectively agree on retiring the mullet for their covers? I think two appearances in one month is more than enough.

sources: instagram/driesvannaughty via vogue28,


  1. I found this link on a comment made on Daria's Instagram. Seems interesting.

    "Chrysanthus Numinous

    The healing crisis of a successful yet self-loathing fashion model who integrates her shadow-self through an odd romance with an actor who lives on the street.

    Written by Evan Hyde for Daria Werbowy"


    1. I visited the website but I'm not too sure what its about?

  2. I don't understand what's the wrong with her cover

    1. Its definitely growing on me but I really don't like this cover - I think its mostly from the bronzer overload!