Sunday, September 29, 2013

Balenciaga Spring 2014

So Daria walked in Balenciaga and I'm just like ... no but seriously how awesome is this! Daria made a surprise appearance at Paris fashion week and closed the Balenciaga show.

Daria rarely does runway appearances these days so it's such a nice surprise to see her on the runway! Even if the show in question was designed by Wang (RIP fashion). I wonder if this means a campaign in the future? Daria has never worked with Balenciaga on the ad front so it'd be great to see what direction they would take. What I do know is that a runway appearance makes for a bunch of new pictures. I'm loving Daria's shorter and blonder hair in the candids below. I'll be updating this post with any new pictures that come along!

Daria walking Balenciaga Spring 2014

On the news front Daria is in Ibiza shooting an editorial with Alex White and Charlotte Tilbury. My best guess is for W Magazine. You can also see Daria's most recent editorial in Vogue Russia on the Editorials page. Also check out this super cute post by a reader - she took Daria's Vogue UK cover on an art gallery road trip!





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