Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back to the 101

I can't believe these pictures! Daria back in 2002 - a very old editorial from a German magazine, thanks to radolgc at the Fashion Spot.
Different yet very much the same girl ... I don't know how to phrase it! She must have been nineteen here. I have to say, she looks so much more beautiful here when compared to the over airbrushed Lancome campaigns ... I love these pictures!


  1. as i tried to say at tfs, i think that 2002 daria looks like a sort of degree zero of daria: very natural, millions of miles away from fashion and its stereotypes of seductive beauty. while in some of the lancome shots, especially the early ones, she had to play the exact opposit of what she actually is. imo.

    don't worry about that pic!

  2. Lovely pictures. She is so beautiful

  3. Have you done that folder on your own?
    I have one, exactly the same size and with plastic sleeves, where I put every picture of Kate Moss I have..

    Nice blog, I like Daria as well!