Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H&M Launch Party

Last night in NYC, Daria attended the launch of the H&M by Matthew Williamson summer collection. It only makes sense as she is also the face of the campaign, pictures of which were posted before.

Let's forgive Daria for that sequined disaster of a dress and assume there was some clause in the contract where she had to wear a celestial tshirt to the event ... but even I can admit that she makes H&M look good.

Apart from the outfit Daria looked so cute and serene. And I love how she drinks champagne and lets the other people pose - definitely not a model off duty. You can see more pictures at, if you have an account, but I've uploaded a lot of pictures into this post.

source: Holland_Hurrican, cadg and erikimisun at theFashionSpot

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