Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vogue US May 2009 : Quick Change Artist

We finally have the images from the May issue of Vogue US. Daria has a solo editorial "Quick Change Artist" photographed by David Sims. It's just a few shots for now but a very interesting and promising preview. The first shot doesn't actually look like Daria - it reminds me much more of another model, Tanya Dziahileva! But I do love it.

Update Scanned images added to the post

Quick Change Artist
Vogue US May 2009
Ph David Sims

Update 2 After seeing the editorial in it's entirety, I can say that it's not really a big hit or a miss for me. In terms of showcasing Daria's versatility as a model it works. But apart from that, I've never really been a fan of editorials with both studio and background shots. It's almost as if parts are missing, in trying to incorporate so many different ideas. It would have been much more interesting to see an expanded version of each shot, rather than a mixing of seven different photos. I am in love with the second image above though.

I'm surprised, and dissapointed, that Daria wasn't in the Meisel feature in this issue. He was such a definitive character early on in her career and it always makes me wonder why they stopped working! It was so abrupt that it makes me think they had a falling out, but I've heard nothing but good things about Daria from people who work in the industry.

Vogue US May 2009 : The Godfather by Steven Meisel
source: scanned by surrealseven at the Fashion Spot

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