Sunday, October 4, 2009

Balmain Spring Summer 2009 | The Candids

I've changed up the posts a bit to make a gallery, so I'm very sorry if your comments got deleted! As it stands, I think I shall divide the new pictures from Balmain into two posts: runway, which you can see here, and this post for candids (my favourite images so far, and I will tell you why).

As soon as I learned Daria walked the Balmain runway I was curious to see whether or not she would be captured by Tommy Ton, of jak&jil fame, and I was right! To the right is a picture taken by Tommy Ton. He always captures his subjects in such an enlightened way and the composition is beautiful. So happy he got to photograph her!

Before I ramble on any further about photography, I must say why I love candid shots. Of all of the pictures that encompass a models career I always find something so revealing about candids - its like taking away the mask. And it doesn't hurt that models always have the most impeccable style! Below you have a gallery of Daria backstage, getting her makeup done, posing with designer Christophe Decarnin and goofing off with her friend Carmen Kass. I've also updated the runway gallery which as of now has 33 pictures! I've also added all of the Balmain videos to The Daria Files video gallery, which you can see here

"This very natural makeup has become the signature look at Balmain. The clothes this season are a little different—they're a mix of biker chick meets very sexy woman meets soldiers," said Pecheux.

Model Daria Werbowy (shown) then cut in: "We're sexy girls from the army who've just gotten off of our bikes."


  1. wow! so beautiful! carmen and daria are the prettiests ones there. her vest is kind of ... not that nice :P!

  2. Ella está muy seria en casi todas las fotos. Es una pena, ya que me encanta ver su maravillosa sonrisa.

    Aún así, sigue siendo preciosa esté como esté.

  3. That Tommy Ton pic is my favourite too. It's the fact she's doing that wistful thing with her eyes. Gets me every time :) The vest is interesting. Maybe ugly is in this season. I kid. @ Anon-I think if you or I tried to wear that vest it would look hopeless but on Daria it kinda works. It's a little off beat but for that reason I like it on her.

  4. "Maybe ugly is in this season." I giggled at that :)
    To each their own, I suppose. It's not my favourite look of hers but you can't deny that she still makes it look amazing.

  5. Jajaja.

    Más quisieras XD

  6. Well, In case you do not understand Spanish:

    Mas quisieras = Stop Dreaming

    "Más quisieras" is a spanish cliche ;)

  7. haha theres nothing wrong with dreaming :)

  8. only polish, english, or italian language but gracias for the translation =]

  9. Well, isnt a traduction, is a similar sentence.

  10. i've registered
    she's amazing
    end of story =]

  11. Yay! Thanks for following ;)