Monday, October 26, 2009

Vogue Nippon December 2009

Update Previews of Daria's editorial have been posted at the Fashion Spot here and here ... Without getting ahead of myself, I think that this is the best editorial of the year. I'll post a proper post as soon as I have written something substantial!

A quick post on news from the December issue of Vogue Nippon - Daria has a new editorial! tFS member s'gnac clues us in on the details:
  • Daria W by (Inez van) Lamsweede & (Vinoodh) Matadin! She stands in the barley field, sometimes half-naked, and one pic, almost wears nothing, As if she says, "Please catch me in the Rye."(Please note I don't know if it is Rye field or not). Or Vogue version of Field of Dreams?
This sounds amazing! Hopefully there will be scans soon, but now there is an editorial to look forward to for the end of the year!

Also, I've found a larger image of Daria's latest Lancome advertisement from this post and this way, no scans are needed. It really is quite pretty, although her eyes look more hazel than they do blue!

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  1. did you menage to see the previews of the editorial before it got deleted?
    phenomenal editorial: 40 pages x 20 pics! and she is mostly topless, in some pics even frontal (but with hand to hide her thing).

  2. I didn't get to see it :( ! Why was it deleted?

  3. ETA. I just saw them eword and ... wow. They are absolutely stunning. This is the first editorial i have really become enamoured with in a LONG time

  4. ^ ditto!

    you know, after an editorial like this, i might be back to blogging!
    actually not about daria only, but i feel some kind of motivation again...

  5. I can't imagine why nekkid pics of Daria would be so inspiring :) :) :)

  6. Hey, there's some good shots at I am ordering the Vogue Nippon issue for a friend - but I am seeing conflicting versions on whether it is the November 09 or December 09 issue. Can someone clarify that for me?

  7. Lib08 - this is the December 2009 issue of Vogue Nippon, with Sasha Pivovarova on the cover - Vogue Nippon always publishes their magazines two months in advance.
    Hope that helps :)