Saturday, November 7, 2009

Field of Dreams

So finally, after more than a week of strenuous schoolwork, and then actual work on top of that I am able to write a little bit about Daria's latest editorial "Girl of the Golden Field". To be quite honest, I have been waiting for an editorial like this for a while! I feel that this year has not yielded for many memorable works, save for Iron Maiden and Uptown Girl.

Yet this work of photos makes such an impression because there is an obvious thought behind the process. Despite being placed in such an empty setting as a barley field there is a sense of intimacy, and of sensuality in the pictures. It is interesting to note that albeit Daria being nude or partially covered in each shot, this editorial is not about exposure in the most literal sense. 

Girl of the Golden Field
Vogue Nippon December 2009
Ph Inez and Vinoodh

I find this work to be less about the clothes or the setting, but of Daria herself. It is evident that there is an understanding between the photographers and their subject, and it seems as if the photographic pair just stumbled upon Daria on a trip through the fields. Inez and Vinoodh have made me interested in their work yet again ... hopefully we can see more of this in the future!


  1. she makes me shy :D

  2. She elicits many emotions from people but I don't think I've heard shy before haha :)

  3. Missed ya, Tins. You summed up the ed just fine :) Thing is if Daria does great work like this she doesn't realise it makes her fans yearn for a more conistent Daria fashion presence. Guess we should be grateful she works at all. I get the feeling she would be just as happy not doing anything 'fashion'.

  4. Очень ПРЕКРАССНАЯ!!!!

  5. Thanks AddyAds - I missed posting here!
    With great work like this I don't really wish for seeing too much of Daria - I would rather have six beautiful editorials a year than twenty forgettable ones ... but if we can have twenty memorable ones I wouldn't complain :P
    I remember reading that Daria really only started to model because others kept telling her she should and as a means of funding for her art education ... I think its safe to say that she has the funding down pat but hopefully she will keep taking photos for a few more years!