Saturday, November 28, 2009

La Mamounia Hotel Inauguration ... Daria in Morocco

Along with a bevy of Hollywood party goers (Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow) Daria was on hand at a party for the re-opening of La Mamounia Hotel Morocco. Like any person spending Thanksgiving in Morocco I'm sure she had a good time!

Daria arrived with fellow Canadias Dean and Dan Caten, designers of Italian label DSquared (I am sure you remember them). The group was in town to shoot the Spring Summer 2010 DSquared campaign. A news article hinted that Daria would be the new face of the campaign and it would make sense considering Dean & Dan were in Morocco, but this isn't 100% confirmed. If it is true though, that would be two campaigns for the springs eason ... Stefanel and DSquared!

Apparently other party goers weren't as enthusiastic at the event (Daria finally smiles!) ... despite urging from the crowd Brian Ferry of Roxy Music fame declined to sing karaoke at the fete. I guess its like a psychiatrist being asked to diagnose everyone at a cocktail party - the requests must get annoying! 


  1. Beautiful Daria!
    Thank you for pictures!

  2. Love that she smiled :) Yay for that. I hope she is not too bothered about Bryan Ferry turning her down. This from a man who said a few years ago that he 'admired' the Nazis. Just cause someone wears nice suits does not make them a style icon or smart for that matter.

  3. anonymous - you're welcome! i've added HQ pictures :)

    AddyAds - agreed and agreed. The guy cant sing either (IMHO) so I wouldn't feel too bad for her ;)