Saturday, November 28, 2009

Behind the Scenes of Vogue Nippon

If you've been reading this blog for a while (maybe even the past few days) you will probably know that I always gravitate towards candid shots rather than a finished project. This is one of the many reasons why I love Vogue Nippon - a covergirl always gets a "making of" feature in which one can see the goings on in making a cover. And it's always interesting to see a before and after!

I've also made this post as an update to readers ... you may have come across new pages and some differences in the site - I'm trying to build up the archives in what little free time I have. Hopefully with the holidays I can post some more images and extras, but for now I've updated the cover section, added a Lancome page as well as a Photographers page (I love this idea as a means of showcasing Daria's work with singular visions). For now I've decided that the editorials I do add to the site will be either my top favourite works of Daria's career or images in very high quality, so you will see images interspersed with links. As always, enjoy and keep checking back!

Vogue Nippon covers so far ... hopefully there will be a sixth!

sources: Before and After compiled by The Daria Files, Vogue Nippon scan by a.t. at tFS, cover collage images via


  1. she looks so pretty!my favorite is the vogue cover dancing queen. what year was this?!

  2. thanks for the upgrades, but personally i want post quality from you more than archives!! :)
    if you have time, please use it to post beautiful entries here and at your other blog!!

  3. Yo eword. Leave Tins alone. She's a very busy girl :) :)

  4. Haha thanks guys :) School is insane at the moment!
    And eword I really like hearing that! I didn't know you knew about my other blog but thank you so much :)

  5. Best blog ever!Thank you for all archives)

  6. No problem anon - I'm glad you enjoy it :)