Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dossier #5 Outtakes

I was going to save these for another Flashback Friday but I couldn't wait that long. These outtakes of Daria by Cass Bird are too good not to share with you guys!

I think the love for Cass Bird and Daria's work is unanimous in this blog and among all of Daria's fans. That's why it's so great when we get to see new collaborations between the two. This time for Flashback Friday I have two unseen outtakes (at least to me!) from the Dossier editorial "I drew a map of Canada with your face sketched on it twice" (award for the longest editorial title goes to ...).

The pictures are quite pixelated, so it looks like there must be higher quality images out there somewhere. For the moment I can't find any but regardless ... Enjoy! And hopefully we get to see more of Cass and Daria's work in the future.

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