Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye ...

Something major! I don't want to get my readers hopes way too up, because this seems like the impossible, ... but when you haven't had Daria news in quite a while might as well! Old school fashion followers will have freaked at the news that 2004 Prada favourite Elise Crombez is the face of the Spring 2012 Prada fashion campaign. And now there are whispers that Daria will join her! Take a look at the picture below - doesn't it look like her nose poking out from the second billboard?

I really hope it is. Daria hasn't worked with Meisel in years and her Prada campaigns were the stuff of legend. This is supposedly Elise's comeback and wouldn't it be fitting to have her fashion BFF Daria along for the ride? After all, they were always photographed together when they were starting out. Some sources are saying that it could be Katryn Kruger, a Daria look-alike ... let's hope for the former (muaha)!

Elise's newly released image of the SS 2012 Prada campaign.

image sources: fashiontoast.com & bryanboy

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