Saturday, December 24, 2011

Early Xmas Treat : Elle Belgium January 2012

I have an early Christmast present for you readers - it's Daria's first cover of the year! She appears on the January 2012 issue of Elle Belgium in a reprint from Flare Canada September 2009. I really like the red that Elle Belgium used, and it's fitting for this time of year. And I also like the fact that they got rid of the bunny ears. It makes the whole thing much more rock n' roll!

Daria's name isn't mentioned on the cover, and this is a reprint so I'm not sure if there's an editorial or feature inside ... if there are any Belgium nationals out there that can get a hold of this magazine let us know! Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

source: Elle Belgium facebook via michelabell at tFS forums

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