Friday, April 12, 2013

Flashback Friday | Comrags Runway

I figured I would continue the social media "Flashback Friday" trend onto this site and share these pictures with you guys!  I was looking through old campaign images of Daria's and came across this old ad for Wenches and Rogues. W&R is a small Canadian boutique chain that mostly houses Canadian brands, one of them being Comrags.

Comrags Spring 2000 / Comrags Fall 2000

I visited the Comrags site and luckily enough they have a site archive. Lo and behold Daria made a few runway appearances! It amazes me how many pictures I find that are right under my nose, especially ones from the very beginning of her career. Knowing Daria has been working for over 17 years I can only imagine how many unseen images there are, but for now we have a look at some of her first work.

Comrags Spring 2001

The designers were also well aware of Daria's potential on her first runway show for them. She's even mentioned in a little snippet from an article on the Comrags design duo, in a March 2008 issue of the National Post (a Canadian newspaper).

"It was supermodel Daria Werbowy's first show for us. She changed practically every second outfit - we knew we would never see her again!"

Maybe one day we'll get to see those other looks as well! Anyways I think thats about enough internet digging you or I can handle at this point, so enjoy!


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