Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lancome "Aquatic Summer" Summer 2013 Collection

Daria is the face of Lancome's newest collection "Aquatic Summer" for their summer 2013 season. I'm biased and I think Daria always looks pretty but unfortunately this looks nothing like Daria! Lancome have once again gone overboard with the retouching - why have such a beautiful model to front your brand and then make it look nothing like her! Sigh, just when I thought Lancome was easing up on the photoshop ...

If you remember back to a few months ago - I wasn't blogging unfortunately - there were candids circulating of Daria and her new haircut (thanks Megan for the heads up!). The cut was courtesy of Christiaan and I'm guessing the two worked on the Lancome campaign together. Wonder why Lancome decided not to incorporate the bleached rat-tail?!

If you're a makeup junkie like me you can read more about the collection here, and hopefully Lancome will come out with a more impressive campaign this year.

Also, some news on Vogue Espana and Vogue US. Unfortunately Daria didn't get the May 2013 cover for Vogue Espana but she still may have an editorial in this issue, or in the next one. And no editorial in Vogue US for May either so we'll have to wait a bit more!

source: via lucy92 at tFS,

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