Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vogue Australia's The Model Series

If you've been following Vogue Australia closley this year you'll have noticed that the magazine has used models on the cover three months in a row - unusual in a time when celebrities are usually the ones on cover duty. To date they've had Lara Stone, Miranda Kerr, and now Karlie Kloss on the cover in a five part collector's edition titled "The Model Series".

What hasn't been mentioned is that Vogue Austrialia has an exclusive with IMG Models for this series (controversially so). There are two spots left and Gemma Ward is rumored to be on one of the covers but Daria does have a portfolio on the IMG Models Australia page so her nabbing a cover is a possiblity. To date Daria has been on the cover three times, her last one being in June 2012.

This is all just speculation on my part but it would be interesting to see.

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