Friday, August 30, 2013

Behind the Scenes with ET Canada

Apart from Linda Evangelista, Daria is Canada's most famous modelling export. So when she lands the cover of a local magazine, its big news. Which I love because it means interviews on interviews, and usually a segment on a cheesy news show. As such, ET Canada filmed a behind the scenes look of the Fashion cover story:

It seems that this editorial was shot around the same time that Daria was in town for the Lancome "Roses by ..." exhibit. I'm excited to see how the biker theme translates onto print - you can never really go wrong with models and bikes can you?

Fashion usually hits newsstands at the beginning of the month so I'll try to get this scanned if scans don't already start popping up!

source: Fashionmagazine youtube channel via TomFordforGucci at tFS

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