Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vogue UK September 2013 Cover

After a ridiculously quiet start to the year Daria is finally putting out the kind of work that we're used to. She's landed the cover of the September 2013 issue of Vogue UK. This is Daria's fourth Vogue UK cover, her last being four years ago.

Vogue UK September 2013
Daria Werbowy by Patrick Demarchelier

Daria looks really cool on the cover, almost as if she stepped off the street, stood in front of Patrick Demarchelier's camera and in one shot the cover was borne. Its not so much the model on the cover as it is Daria on the cover.

I also think the relaxed styling on this cover is its own undoing. I gave a little squeal when I learned Daria would be on the cover, but already expected something laid back and relaxed before I saw the image. And laid back and relaxed is what I got. Daria in this kind of set up seems almost formulaic by now and although I love to see her with more work, especially covers, it can tend to be quite boring. The preview below does look much more promising though ... Daria will have 7 photos in this issue, and if I read correctly an article as well!

Vogue UK September 2013 preview

Now, if I had my way Daria would be on the cover of every Vogue, the American version included. And although the latter doesn't seem that possible, more than one Vogue cover this month doesn't seem that implausible. Some keen eyes on the Fashion Spot forums have given regard to these two shots from Mert Alas' Instagram. Both are regarding the behind the scenes production of an unknown project but from the casting (Naomi, Natasha, Kate) and styling it seems very Vogue Paris. I'm guessing there will be a multiple solo-girl covers. How epic would it be to have another Vogue Paris cover following her August one, and two Vogue covers in the same month!? I'll keep you posted!



  1. Maybe you will be interested to read about&see 30 art places, where I took the Vogue with your cover:)

    I feel like you were my real companion during that project - and thanks for that;)Kisses from Poland!

    1. This is so cute Kate! I'm going to add this to one of my posts if you don't mind!