Sunday, August 4, 2013

Vogue UK September 2013 : Rebel Rebel

It's my favourite time of the year, not just because it happens to be my birthday, but because the September issues have started rolling out! We're on the cusp of a new season and luckily for us Daria is dominating the magazines this month. Starting with an editorial in the September issue of Vogue UK.

Rebel Rebel
Vogue UK September 2013
Daria by Patrick Demarchelier


Fitting that a David Bowie song is used for this editorial title, seeing as how Daria is a big fan of the Englishman's music. And, like the musician, she herself has carved out a singular path in her respective industry. Vogue UK has also been one to 'rebel' against the formula of the magazine industry. This year seven out of their nine covers were models, practically unheard of in this time of Hollywood starlet overdrive. What better than a combination of Daria and Vogue UK for the September issue - a model who rebels against the norm in a magazine choosing to do the.
The styling in this shoot is brilliant as are Demarchelier's portraits of Daria. Despite being a veteran in this industry Daria still surprises me with her modeling skills and nuances. She elevates a studio editorial to something much more intimate, a collection of portraits that convey her nomadic personality. They're a beautiful accompaniment to the article inside, which you have to read if you're a fan, and even more so if you're not. There are some new things to learn, of Daria's life in Ireland and of a fairy-tale romance with a carpenter, but its also a great insight to a woman who has grown up in an industry that both inspires her, and leads her to take month-long sailing trips away from her work. She is entirely "the reluctant supermodel".


The interview:

And a bonus shot from "Drama Queens", also photographed by Demarchelier:
source: mattcyrus at tFS

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