Sunday, February 14, 2010

New York Sighting

It's not a runway appearance but Daria did show up in New York. She was at the LnA Afterparty at Milk Studios last night ... and she brought along a fringe with her. I'm not the biggest fan of it but maybe styled right it can look good (something like the Numéro cover).

But who cares about hair when you're at a party and Patti Smith performs. Read: Patti Smith performed. I would have been serving drinks at this party to hear that. I would have been a bathroom attendant at this party to hear that. Metric, a Canadian band who is not that bad themselves, performed as well and fellow model Agyness Deyn made an appearance. So did Daria's poncho but I can overlook that because she wore an amazing pair of leather pants.

No word yet on whether or not Daria will make an appearance on the NYC runways but that's highly unlikely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for either Milan or Paris though!

source: via debora25


  1. hehe, i saw patti smith last september in florence, in santa croce square, one of the most beautiful squares in the world...

  2. !!! Was it amazing or what!? And in Florence as well ... you are too lucky eword :P

  3. i am a lucky tuscan and i will move to florence later this year... :p

    it was an amazing gig, especially the second part...
    see a track:

    and there are other clips too, just search for firenze 2009

  4. Thanks for the link! It looked like a great show. And to think I was only a couple hours away at the time ... Tuscany to Florence huh? Will you miss Tuscany?

    I'm in freezing Vancouver right now so all of this talk is making me quite sad. Although its probably not as warm in Italy as I picture it to be :D

  5. florence IS in tuscany! :)
    it's the main city of tuscany actually... and it's rather cold here too.
    actually, as i always say to my foreign friends, there is not 1 italy only, but as many italies as all the difference there are between north and south, east and west... and most of them are very different from the international stereotyped image...

    are you in vancouver for the olympic games?

  6. lol WOW. I can see my high school geography skills have failed me ...
    To be honest the closest I've been associated with Italian culture is with Detective Montalbano books - and I read those in French! I guess its the same with Canada - Ontario is far different from any of the Maritime provinces or the prairies. Although most Ontarians tend to forget they aren't the only ones who compromise Canada.

    And yes I'm in Vancouver for the Olympics! One of our athletes won gold a few days ago and people are still freaking out :P

  7. montalbano in french looks weird... cos the main interesting thing in those books is the mixture of italian and sicilian! rather far from tuscany! :)

    well, i don't know much about canada either... apart from liking a few women from there! :D
    but you canadians have a good fame indeed! :)

  8. Lol it was definitely an interesting read. I just finished la voix du violon - la voce del violon...o? It was good and I'm reading the others now but mostly it just makes me hungry

    not much to know about Canada (its a very young country compared to Italia) other than that it's cold and the people are very laid back! :P