Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vogue Nippon April 2010 : She's The Max

After patient waiting, the cover of Vogue Nippon April 2010 has been scanned! Thanks to a.t. at the Fashion Spot and rox_yr_sox we have both the cover and the behind the scenes section.

To be honest I initially read the coverline as "She's the Man". So, freudian slips aside, I have warmed up to this cover. Its still not as high on my list of Daria's January cover but the warm rose tones certainly make up for something. The photographer is actually Mikael Jannson (he's worked with Daria before) The covergirl section is short but sweet, I always love reading these (or rather seeing them in this case). Are there any readers fluent in Japanese - I'd appreciate it so much if you could translate this!

Also, this might make up for the lackluster cover ... the first part of Daria's editorial has been scanned. I wanted to post the entire thing at once but you have to see the photos. They look beautiful  - perhaps a contender for best editorial of the year? And about 30 more pages to go! We'll see ...

source: scanned by a.t. and rox_yr_sox at tFS


  1. 'she is the man'... ?! are you turning into a darialogistic attitude? :D intersting slip!

  2. haha its rubbing off :P

  3. LOL@ she's the man. the editorial is looks so good on print when scanned it looks dark but in print its very lovely.

    btw i found a pola from fabsugar:

  4. I hope I can find this magazine somewhere - VN is hard to come across.

    Thank you for the polaroid. I don't think I've ever seen it that big! I'm adding it to the candids page right now :)

  5. 'She's the Man' would've sounded more fetching in my opinion; I adored that movie.

    As for the cover, I'd have to say that it's definitely not my favourite. I usually hate it when they do ANYTHING to Daria's hair.

    And you're right, VN IS very hard to come by, I would've thought that it'd be easy to find here in Australia (seeing as we are technically within the Asia Pacific region) but alas, no VN to be found as yet. Yet I distinctly remember having seen some copies at one time or other. I will have to investigate this mystery further.

    And I sorely wish I could persuade my Japanese-speaking friend to read anything concerning fashion.

  6. I loved that movie too! It was just so cheesy - reminds me of good times.

    I think you'll like Daria's Dossier cover. The stylists have just left her hair as is there and it looks a million times better than it does here. I think Daria has a face that looks beautiful when barely made up but when the makeup is piled on something is always ... off.

    I'm still looking for this issue tbh. But foreign magazines usually arrive in Canada a month after they are released so fingers crossed. So cool to have an Aussie reading the blog!

  7. OMG I can't believe I forgot that my best friend was in Japan while I was reading this entry, and she's just come back today with a backpack full of goodies for me and guess what's included? This exact issue! She saw Daria on the cover and knew she just had to get it for me. I love her so much for it although I'm still thoroughly upset about not being able to get the VN with the Daria ed in January(?) earlier this year.

  8. My bad, it was called 'Girl of the Golden Field' and it was December 2009. I think that was about the right amount of Daria that I wanted to see, the LOVE ed (though I liked it) was a little too much for me.

  9. You have a really nice friend! This is why I need more Japanese friends in my life - so whenever Vogue Nippon comes out I have connections! :P

    I just got the December issue a couple of days ago (from my dad!) and the editorial is so much more beautiful in real life. I know exactly what you mean about the right amount of "exposure". Girl of the Golden field was very serene in its nudity, and the Love editorial almost the exact opposite. But it definitely had its merits.

    I think we all know that Daria is unafraid to go nude in her photos but it seems that shes been very very fearless the past couple of months!