Saturday, February 20, 2010

Vogue Nippon April 2010

Seems like Vogue Nippon has some withdrawal symptoms when it comes to Daria. Just after appearing on their January cover (which came out in ... November) Daria gets a second cover for the April 2010 issue (in February). I wouldn't mind this two month cycle ...

Vogue Japan April 2010
Third post in a day - that might be a new record. I promise this is the last one! The Vogue Nippon cover is quite different from her January cover. I find myself liking the former one more. The colour in the cover is quite pretty and the dress is romantic but it just doesn't look like Daria to me. I thought the January cover had a natural ease about it and this pose I find a bit contrived. Hopefully there will be a "making-of" section inside!

Also, there are some interesting rumors going around ... a model might cover the April issue of US Vogue, a rare occurence with the American magazine. Names are flying around but nothing seems to be one hundred percent. Daria has appeared in the last four or five issues in editorials and its no secret that she is a Wintour favourite. But then again, it seems her prime was in 2004-2005 and she never seems like one for publicity. April is the shape issue so some are speculating that it is Lara Stone (she has been in the magazine quite a few times as of late, and she was on the May 2009 issue of Top Models). Who knows, in the end it might just be another bland Hollywood actress but its fun to guess at it.

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  1. There is no text over her face. This makes it a contender for Vogue Nippon cover of the year.

  2. And the fact that Daria has an editorial inside does make this cover better in my opinion :)