Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Cat Lady

I just picked up the March issue of Vogue and it holds quite a few surprises. Daria is in two editorials, The Warrior Way and Straight From The Hip, and along with those there is a cute candid and another shot from The Warrior Way. I've always wondered if they were going to feature Daria in one of the Contributors pages - she's appeared in quite a lot of editorials to warrant a mention!

If you pay enough attention you can see Daria a few more times throughout the magazine which brings more excitement to those rumors about a model gracing the cover of the April issue of Vogue ... maybe its just hopefulness on my part, and trust me I know the chances of a model appearing on the cover are slim, but I'm hoping that it could be Daria!

image credits: scanned by me


  1. About the cover girl for Vogue US April, I think it's gonna be Daria (yes, I'm optimistic) just for the following reasons: (1) Anna W loves her, (2) compared to the other model names that were tossed around, say Lara or Karlie, Daria has the longest career, who's due for a solo cover (can you believe Trentini already has 2 covers?), and (3) Daria is gonna retire soon. Yes, I believe when she said she was gonna retire at 27 that means she will retire at 27.

    Of course it could be Gisele or Kate Moss or any super. Oh, well...

  2. Those are all the exact reasons that I'm hoping it will be Daria! Karlie, you're right is too young and thin and they always choose someone more shapelier for the cover.
    Some people said it would be Gemma as a big comeback but that's been debunked. Would have been cool to see though!

    It could be Gisele considering she was just pregnant and it is the Shape issue ... and I remember reading that her and Karolina K (also pregnant) could make a cover together but that seems too out there. So many possibilities - Daria, Doutzen, Lara, Gisele ...

    Anna has to give Daria a cover soon though even if its another group one ... like you said she's going to retire soon and she should go out with a bang!