Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daria at the Unframed Benefit

Update Looks like Daria wasn't actually supposed to attend this event! She was walking by the benefit, her friends saw her and pulled her in for a short bit. I guess we can forgive her outfit!

Daria made a rare public appearance last night for a fundraiser event. She attended the annual 'Unframed' benefit auction by Acria, hosted by designer Olivier Theyskens.

Daria rarely makes it out to public functions and when she does they are usually art or sports themed benefits, so its not surprise that she showed up to Unframed.

It's always great to see candids of Daria and all, but I just have a big sartorial bone to pick with this one. I think we all know Daria's the last model to aim for the "best dressed list", and that carefree attitude is what we love about her ... but girl, this is bad. Like gold-sneakers-and-green trucker-hat bad. I'm just going to excuse this outfit and laugh it off because really, her indifference is admirable!

source: bfa.co via cold at theFashionSpot

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