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I've touched on Daria's tattoo collection in the past but I've never dedicated a post to them. I suppose now is  a good time while were waiting for Daria's editorials in Vogue US and Vogue Spain to come out. Although she doesn't rack up to Freja Beha in count, Daria has seven tattoos that we know of. Depending on the publication or theme, Daria's tattoos are usually retouched out of magazines, but I find that the longer Daria is in this business the more accepting the fashion industry is of her markings. It seems that as Daria ages both her tomboy side and her tattoos become more welcomed.

Daria photographed by Dusan Reljin

Some tattoos are more literal than others, such as the anchors on both hands and the wave on her foot, all symbolizing Daria's love for sailing. Others, like the writing on the back of Daria's neck and the tattoo behind her ear, are yet to be deciphered. It's a nice balance between the obvious and the discrete, and the known and unknown, a play in contrasts that I find defines Daria. Despite her exposed position in the world Daria still remains as elusive as ever.

1. Wave on right foot

2/3. Band on left foot and star on right foot

4. Unknown writing on back of neck

No one's quite sure what this tattoo means as Daria has preffered to keep the meaning of it a secret. 

5. Danforth anchor on ring finger

6. Anchor on right hand

Anchor tattoos symbolize the sailor crossing the Atlantic, a feat Daria accomplished in three months in 2008 with her friends and family.

7. Unknown tattoo behind ear

I'm not quite sure what this tattoo is and its quite new so we don't have any confirmation. But it has always looked like a dragon to me, and in regards to sailing tattoos a dragon symbolizes the sailor having crossed the International Date Line. 

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